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How does the dewpointe® work?
In simplest terms, the dewpointe® makes rain. After collecting and condensing the free moisture in the air, the dewpointe® filters the water through a powerful proprietary 10-stage filtration system. No water is fresher, purer or more pristine than dewpointe® atmospheric water.

Do I really need a dewpointe®? Isn’t my tap water safe to drink?
Tap water contains trace amounts of heavy metals (like lead, mercury and aluminum), carcinogenic chemicals (including chlorine, fluorine, industrial chemicals, and pharmaceutical drugs), agricultural pesticides and pathogenic microorganisms (like E. coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium). Rarely do these levels exceed the EPA’s minimum guidelines, but they are present nonetheless in minute amounts.

In most cases, it is impossible to completely remove these dangerous contaminants from tap water. Thus, the EPA has established “minimum” contamination level standards knowing full well that if a “zero” contamination level were established, no city water utility system could remain in business.

What we do not know is what the long-term physiological side effects will be after drinking such water day after day. Laboratory research indicates that prolonged exposure to many chemicals, compounds, and toxic metals found in drinking water can build up within the body and its organs and cause severe immune disorders and even birth defects.

I already have an R.O. System. Why would I need the dewpointe®?
The dewpointe® Atmospheric Water System is so much more than a reverse osmosis system. Standard home R.O. systems are designed to remove dissolved solids and chemicals from tap water. Unfortunately, few R.O. systems can remove all of the contaminants in water and even less are designed to actually kill pathogens found in water, many of which are so small that they can pass through the standard filter membranes. Furthermore, most R.O. systems waste about three gallons of water to make one gallon of drinkable water.

The dewpointe® uses an advanced ten-stage filtration system, including a zero-waste R.O. and three UV lights, to eliminate 99.99% of all contaminants. Unlike other R.O. systems, our system takes the wastewater and diverts this water back to the bottom holding tank to be reprocessed so that no precious water is wasted. Its stainless steel storage tanks hold between 3 ½ to 4 ½ gallons (depending on the model) and every hour the water in the dewpointe® is re-circulated to insure absolute quality and freshness. No bottled water or tap water filtration system can come close to the purity of the dewpointe®.

How much water does the dewpointe® make?
As temperature and humidity increase, the water production rate also increases. At 70º Fahrenheit and 60% relative humidity, the dewpointe® creates more than four gallons of pure water a day. In optimum climate conditions, the dewpointe can produce up to 8 gallons of atmospheric drinking water during a 24-hour period.

My daily water needs look like they will exceed the production levels of the dewpointe®. What can I do?
Besides creating the world’s purest water from moisture in the air, the dewpointe® has a special feature that allows you to connect an auxiliary water source to the unit. The water source attaches to the dewpointe® just like a water source connects to a refrigerator’s icemaker. This water source can come from an R.O. system or directly from a home’s tap water supply. All water in the dewpointe®, regardless of the source, is processed through the proprietary filtration system to ensure absolute quality and purity.

How dependable is the dewpointe®? I want to make sure it is well built and will last for years.
Like all exceptional-quality home appliances, the dewpointe® is covered by a complete parts & labor warranty. If, for any reason, your dewpointe® does not work properly, we will immediately repair or replace the unit. Quality and craftsmanship are hallmarks of the dewpointe® design. If you take care of your dewpointe® and follow the unit’s recommended maintenance schedule, your dewpointe® will last as long as any other appliance in your home.

The dewpointe® carries CE® and WQA® certifications. The stainless steel water storage tanks and all parts that come into contact the water supply either meet or exceed FDA standards. The condensing coils are designed with a special FDA-approved food-grade coating to prevent any metal pollution and improve water production efficiency.

The dewpointe® pulls moisture out of the air. Can I use it in place of my dehumidifier?
The dewpointe® is ideal for use in humid climates and functions simultaneously as an air purifier, dehumidifier, water filtration system, and water generator all in one convenient appliance.

How pure is dewpointe® water?
dewpointe® water is completely (99.99%) free of all chemicals, solids and contaminants. No bottled water or any tap water system can come close to the purity of your dewpointe®.

Based on INDEPENDENT testing*, the dewpointe® makes the purest water possible:

  • Inorganic Minerals: 20 mg/L
  • Volatile Organic Contaminates: 0 µg/L
  • Pesticides and PCB’s: 0 µg/L
  • Unregulated Group 1 Contaminates: 0 µg/L
  • Unregulated Group 2 Contaminates: 0 µg/L
  • Unregulated Group 3 Contaminates: 0 µg/L
  • Trihalomethanes: 0 µg/L
  • Radiochemicals: 0 µg/L
  • Coliform Bacteria: COMPLETELY ABSENT
  • Total Dissolved Solids: < 20 mg/L
  • *National Testing Laboratories, Ltd.

Can the dewpointe® supply water in an emergency?
The dewpointe® brings peace-of-mind to every household. Whether natural or man-made, unanticipated events that can contaminate or interrupt normal water supply systems will not affect the dewpointe®. Connected to a solar energy or electric generator source, your dewpointe® will supply pure and safe water during any emergency.

Is the dewpointe® easy to operate?
Nothing could be easier to use. Weighing less than 100 pounds and standing less than 4 feet tall, the dewpointe® is as sleek and compact as it is convenient and efficient. With its touch-screen monitor and self-monitoring microcomputer, the dewpointe® is incredibly simple to operate, and absolutely no installation is necessary. Just plug it in and within hours you can begin enjoying fresh, pure drinking water.

Is the dewpointe® certified?
The dewpointe® carries the CE® and WQA® certifications. All stainless steel water storage tanks and those parts touching the water supply meet or exceed FDA standards.

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