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The dewpointe® is a remarkably simple, yet highly effective appliance that creates drinking water out of the abundant supply of moisture in the atmosphere. It uses the most current water purification technology available to ensure a dependable production of the world’s purest water for your home or business. The dewpointe®’s microcomputer analyzes temperature and humidity and supervises system functions so that maintenance and operations are easy and efficient.

STAGE 1: Air Filtration

The first electrostatic air filtration stage removes dust, pollen, mold and other airborne contaminants as humid air enters the dewpointe®. Atmospheric water production immediately eliminates 95% of contaminants found in municipal ground water.

STAGE 2: Chilling the Air

The airflow through the filter system is rapidly chilled to “dew point”. This is the temperature at which the potentially unlimited water in the air transforms from a gas to a liquid.

STAGE 3: Condensation

Condensed moisture collects on the specially designed coils, which are covered with a FDA approved food-grade coating to prevent potential metal pollution. Once the dewpointe® has completed the moisture “extraction” process, the water is delivered to an advanced multi-stage filtration system.

STAGE 4: Purification

The water passes through 10 specialized filters, including a proprietary activated carbon filter, a sediemnt filter, two carbon filters, a zero-waste R.O. filter, and a powerful UV light sanitation system. This comprehensive purifying system provides unparalleled removal of contaminants and microorganisms. At this point, the dewpointe®’s water is 99.99% pure.

STAGE 5: Water Temperature Optimization

The hot & cold water lines pull from a sealed stainless steel holding tank, providing chilled and hot water on demand. In just five stages, the dewpointe® transforms atmospheric moisture into delicious, rain-fresh drinking water!

The dewpointe® Multi-Stage Filtration System

Our dedication to high-quality, great tasting water is accomplished by a unique multi-stage filtration and water purification system.
  1. Air FilterAir enters the dewpointe through a specialized filter that removes small airborne particles including: pollen, dust, pet dander, mites and microbes.
  2. Condensing CoilsWater condenses on a series of cold coils protected by an FDA approved coating to prevent metal leaching into the water.
  3. Activated Carbon FilterFurther protection against airborne contaminants.
  4. UV3A 4-Watt UV lamp in the Bottom Holding Tank destroys any microorganisms may be present in the water.
  5. Sediment FilterRemoves particles from the water.
  6. Pre-Carbon FilterThe Pre-Carbon Filter removes chemical and organic compounds from the water.
  7. Zero-Waste Reverse Osmosis (RO) FilterThe RO Filter removes pathogens, mineral salts, heavy metals and organic compounds. Water that cannot pass through the membrane is recirculated (7a) back into the Bottom Holding Tank.
  8. Post-Carbon FilterRemoves volatile organic compounds and improves taste and smell of water.
  9. UV1An 11-Watt UV bulb in the Top Tank destroys any microorganisms present in the water.
  10. UV2An 11-Watt bulb destroys any microorganisms present in the water during the recirculation cycle (10a) or when water is being dispensed.

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