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“The Dewpointe® actually creates filtered drinking water out of moisture in the air, kind of like a dehumidifier. That is some year-3000 stuff, people.”


“With 3.1 quadrillion gallons of moisture in the atmosphere at any given time, atmospheric water generation could be “green’s” new best friend.”

-Rachel Krauss for Greenbang.com

“With no pipes connected to water and the unit standing only four feet tall, [Dewpointe®] is a product I have to see to believe.”

- Jared Friedman for CleanTechies.com

“The [Dewpointe®] supports water conservation while creating pure drinking water… As if that wasn’t enough, this thing also functions as an air purifier, water filtration system, dehumidifier! OMG!”

Lynn Hasselberger for “I Count for my Earth” Blog

“With water even scarcer, more polluted, and more expensive, Dewpointe® achieves the alchemy-like feat of turning air into ‘blue gold…’ Impossible? Think again.”

-The Huffington Post

“The ability to filter water directly from air could make [Dewpointe®] technology a game changer in situations where water is scarce.”

Scott Cooney for Triplepundit

“Municipal water systems seem to be suspect… DewPointe® may be an answer.”

Bill Roth, GreenPress blog

“Hook one of these bad boys up to some solar panels and voila, you’ve got an instant well…The [Dewpointe®s] have hit the streets and are already hosting water cooler conversations in offices around the world.”

- Trey Farmer

“[Dewpointe®] technology is inspiring, in that this is a free-standing water manufacturer, needing no water supply, and conjures up images of moisture farms and growing forests where once there was desert.”

Scott Cooney, CleanTechnica

“As aquatic pollution and water shortage issues continue to plague America and many other nations around the world, inventive concepts such as [Dewpointe®] may be soon invaluable to the welfare of many.

- Article by Green Energy News

“Better yet, this machine is super simple. You just plug it in, turn it on, let it run for a few hours, and voila…water from air!”

-Article from Buildaroo.com

“…the best place to get your next glass of water, is from the air around you.”

- White Noise Blog

“Atmospheric Water Systems sucks moisture from the atmosphere and puts it in your glass. It’s a tiny step toward water recycling.”
Michael Kanellos

Greentech Media

The war for your tap–and shower, ice maker and water bottle–is on..and Atmospheric Water Systems Inc. of San Luis Obispo, Calif., recently introduced a $1,595 dehumidifier/purification unit that bypasses water pipes altogether, pulling moisture from the air and sending it through a multi-step filtration process to produce drinking water.”

Gwendolyn Bounds
The Wall Street Journal

“Forget hauling big bottles of water around. You can pull fresh drinking water right out of the air with the Dewpointe DH9…convenient for consumers
volume 34, no. 2

-Farm Show News

This is the future of water!… “As a user of the Dewpointe® Atmospheric Water System, I have been very impressed with the unit’s efficiency and the quality of water that it produces. I have two Dewpointe® AD6 models in my home in Citrus Heights, CA.  One of the units is in a greenhouse in my backyard and the other in my garage.  Even in the dry Sacramento summer weather, these units are still capable of generating enough water to keep a household of three adults hydrated.

“Fortunately, I have also been given the opportunity to see the brand-new Dewpointe® models (DH9 and DH9X) at work. I placed a DH9 demonstration model in a household in Shingle Springs, CA and the unit was full in a day and a half in an environment that averaged close to 30% humidity.  I also placed two of the DH9X’s in the California State Capital’s TexMex restaurant. These units have been greatly recognized and are continually producing enough water to supply those who work in and visit the capital.

“All in all, the Dewpointe® Atmospheric Water Generators have done their job and much more. This is definitely the future of water!”

Scott A. Mount
Vice President
Mount Professional Services

“As water is a vital element to life and well-being, it is a true privilege and honor to be in partnership with you promoting this new technology…We hope others will continue to be just as inspired to incorporate this state-of-the-art product into both their professional and personal lives. Again, we thank you for providing us an essential resource for our day-to-day operations and feel quite honored to be on the cutting edge of Visitor’s Services with this specialized equipment.”

- Rachel Gomez
Visitor Services Manager

“After receiving a health warning in my city water bill—explaining there is ‘Cryptosporidium’ in our tap water and that it is insusceptible to disinfectants—I decided to find an alternate source of drinking water.

“What I found was an appliance called an ‘Atmospheric Water Generator’, which makes pure, clean, safe water from air.  Research of several brands led me to choose the Dewpointe® by AWS due to their impressive reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction.

“I am extremely happy with this appliance, which gives me gallons of great-tasting, fresh water every single day.”

B. Barrows, age 66
Cryptosporidium Parasite Scare
Roseburg, Oregon

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